Special equipment

Hidden handle in the door.
Elegantly integrated in the door
handle with a modern touch in design.

High quality doors.
Heat transfer UD of 0.7 w/(m2.K), 2.
Each of our doors comes with a 5 year warranty.

Style, security and innovation from


Not just a front door.

Introducing FDC doors, High Therm 87 series - aluminium doors specially designed by
our team and in cooperation with a leading manufacturer of aluminium profiles.
Every home deserves to look elegant, be protected from the weather
- cold, heat and last but not least - to be protected from thieves.

HT87 doors meet all the requirements for a stylish, secure and energy-efficient home.
Stable aluminium profile construction with interrupted thermal bridge, XPS filling, internal
and external aluminium composite panel and multi-point locking make the door
extremely robust and durable.

The exquisite design of the doors will impress everyone who touches them.


Happy and satisfied customers with our aluminium doors.

Aluminium is a lightweight and very strong material and weather resistant. With doors made of aluminum, you can be sure that your door will function reliably for years and keep your home safe. The other advantage is that maintenance is very easy.

What you should pay attention to when buying a new front door. This answer depends on the needs of those who need a new front door. In general, besides the appearance of the front door, great importance should also be given to the technical equipment. Nowadays, the issue of burglary protection should not be neglected.

We have a wide choice of RAL colours, wood decors, metallic colours, wood decors with structure, RAL colours with structure – also art imitations of concrete, rust and others.

All our doors can be made to your specific measurements, doors can also be manufactured to customer designs.